About us

Amsterdam film production DOXY FIXY is a leading film production company. DOXY brings its extensive experience in long-form documentaries to FIXY, grounded fiction rooted in reality, FIXY in turn inspires DOXY. And out of passion, we broaden our playing field with sports films.

"Our X represents the magic that arises there, for that 'more' than just the sum of its parts."

Together with directors, screenwriters, and many others, we aim to connect, inspire, inform, and entertain. We enjoy pushing boundaries and feel at home where styles, people, and genres blend, believing that this creates a special quality. The magic that arises is more than the sum of its parts. We call this the X in film.

With our network, experience, and strong endurance, we bring large and sometimes complex film projects to life. Additionally, we also provide production services. Financing is realizing; there fore, funds, broadcasters, streamers, distributors, sales agents, and co-producers are our partners, with whom we continuously strive for a good partnership.

We aim to be a fertile ground for filmmakers to realize their film ideas. A safe environment where everyone thrives. This leads to films that have an impact and sometimes even spark change. Diverse perspectives are valuable in our films and in the people we collaborate with. Thus, we are building an engaging collection of film stories, with professionalism and entrepreneurship in the film industry at the forefront.