My Maysoon

Filmmaker Batoul's search for her missing sister Maysoon


Filmmaker Batoul decides that making a film about what happened to her sister Maysoon, who disappeared years ago on the Mediterranean, is the only way to deal with a pain so great that no one in her family can talk about it.


Familie Karbijha:
Haitham, Sanaa, Nour, Mohammed, Jana
Aarnoud Boshart
Taher Mahmoud
Alessia Barbiero
Angelo Milazzo
Slim Balja
Mongi Slim
Mustapha Abdelkbir
Chamseddine Marzoug
Fethi Nasri


Director & script • Batoul Karbijha
DoP • Hans Bouma & Batoul Karbijha
Editor • Katarina Türler
Sounddesign • Luuk Hoogstraten
Composer • Marijn Slager
Postproduction • FeverFilm
Producer • DOXY
Broadcaster • EOdocs
Idem • First Hand Films
With the support of • CoBO


Ontwerp affiche •


Hollywood Arabic Filmfestival (HAFF) 2023 • Silver Horizon Award Best Documentary
Toronto Women Film Festival 2023 • Best Human Rights Film
Nederlands Film Festival 2023 • Nominatie Best Short Documentary
Mostra Cine Àrab i Mediterrani 2023 • Special Mention